The Toy Restore Replacement Stickers fits Little Tikes Custom Cozy Coupe Red SUV For Two

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The Toy Restore Red SUV Replacement Stickers fits Little Tikes Custom Cozy Coupe

Professionally made, with industry standard equipment, from peel, rip, and tear resistant glossy material, and machine cut for accuracy. These are 100% UV resistant for 4-5 years, and are 100% waterproof. They are made to last outdoors, for a long time. My own designs, which are inspired by the original decals that came factory, with the toys, and they fit accurately. All decals are cut separately for shipping. I have tons of decals yet to be listed, if you are looking for a different one, please email me.

I offer a flexible return policy, so if they don't fit your project you can return them (in the same condition as you received them) for only the cost of your return postage.

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