The Toy Restore Replacement Stickers Spare Decals Fits Step2 Princess Dream Castle Bed

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 The Toy Restore Replacement Stickers Spare Decals Fits Step2 Princess Dream   Castle Bed

Please look carefully at the model in the listing picture to see if this will fit your toy. If you are unsure, please feel free to email us a picture.

Professionally made, with industry-standard equipment, from peel, rip, and tear-resistant glossy material, and machine cut for accuracy. These are 100% UV resistant for 4-5 years (outside, inside indefinitely), and are 100% waterproof. They are made to last outdoors, for a long time. The Toy Restore's own designs, which are inspired by the original decals that came factory, with the toys, and they fit accurately. Most decals are cut separately for shipping.

- High-Quality Replacement Part Decals, from a name brand you can trust.

- Thickly laminated to last for 4-5 years in direct sunlight. Lamination also resists scratches and allows your toy to wipe clean without worry about ruining the decals. Unlaminated decals cannot hold up against UV sunlight and will fade over time.

- 100% Waterproof, and UV resistant for 4-5 years in direct sunlight. These can be placed on an automotive vehicle.

- Fits the toys accurately, and adheres extremely well to most surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastic.

- The Toy Restore's own designs are inspired by the originals that came factory with the toys.

All designs and images are copyright registered, by The Toy Restore®.
The Toy Restore® is an independent manufacturer and is not affiliated with Little Tikes, Step2, Radio Flyer, Fisher-Price, or Playskool.